Sue’s Views
Today marks the beginning of a new week ….. a new month ….. and a new season! And yet we are in lockdown again! If you are frustrated ….. spare a thought for the Israelites! They set out on a journey that should have taken 11 days ….. but ended up taking 40 years! Their constant complaining and griping meant that God had to wait until the generation that left Egypt had died in the wilderness. He couldn’t take them into the Promised Land with that attitude. A new season requires a new mindset! What old habits ….. patterns of thinking ….. and bad attitudes need to die before you can enter into the promises of God? The wilderness years were years of testing. We could see this time of lockdown also as a time of testing. Are we going to complain ….. point the finger ….. and act in rebellion? Or are we going to look for the miracles and provision of God along the was! Food for thought!