The Counsellor

Sue’s Views
Are you feeling weighed down by your circumstances? Life has a way of throwing things at you and it’s easy to let them pile up. I experienced a bit of that this weekend. I decide to go for a walk and a talk with God about it! As I poured my heart out ….. this beautiful kereru flew onto a branch in front of me and just sat there. This has happened to me a few times now and I believe it’s God telling me He is with me. The bird always reminds me of the Holy Spirit. He is gentle and yet powerful. His presence changes the atmosphere. He diffuses anxiety ….. and brings peace and assurance. He is the best companion anyone could ask for. And He is always there ….. never too busy to hang out. He not only listens ….. but He is also a great Counsellor! He’ll show you what’s going on ….. and how to move forward. He’s there for you too!