The Only Source of Truth

Sue’s Views
This year has probably been one of the toughest so far for me. There have been physical problems ….. burdens I’ve carried for family and friends ….. and of course the many concerns Covid has brought to our world. It has been stressful to say the least. I couldn’t have come through without my faith in God ….. and His Word ….. the Bible! The mental and emotional turmoil has driven me more and more to search the scriptures and to hear what God has to say about the situation. I’ve found ….. in those pages ….. ordinary people like me who have been faced with the same challenges and more. I so often see myself and realise I need to change. It rebukes me ….. encourages me ….. and shows me the way forward. At the centre of it all is a God who is constantly saying ‘Return to me!’ Every problem known to man began when we turned our backs on God. Many are waiting for things to get ‘better’. Well they are not going to. Yes! We might be allowed to enjoy summer but then what? He is our only hope! His is the only voice we can trust. Turn off the media ….. and tune in to the God channel. He is your only source of truth!