The Simplicity of the Gospel

Sue’s Views
When Jesus preached ….. He used illustrations about everyday life. Things the common people and even children could understand. He talked about a farmer sowing seeds in different types of soil ….. a shepherd taking care of his flock and leaving 99 to rescue 1 who was lost ….. and how fruit can only be produced when it’s attached to the vine. Behind these pictures ….. were deep messages about how we are to live. The people following him could understand the deeper meaning just by looking around them. 
We make it so complicated ….. but the message of the Gospel is simple! Jesus is in every one of those stories. He is the Word (the seed) … He is the Good Shepherd ….. and He is the Vine. Our hearts are the different types of soil ….. we are the sheep ….. and we are the branches! If we receive His Word gladly ….. stay close to our Shepherd ….. and remain in the Vine ….. we will produce much fruit!