The Two Beams of the Cross

Sue’s Views
The Cross consists of two beams ….. one is vertical ….. one is horizontal. The vertical beam represents our relationship with God. The main purpose of Jesus death, burial and resurrection was to give us access to God the Father. Before the cross ….. we were separated from God by our sin. But Jesus paid our debt ….. giving us access to the Father ….. and allowing us to receive His forgiveness. The horizontal beam represents our relationship with others. We are part of a global family! That means there is sibling rivalry ….. and the bickering that goes on in any family. There are plenty of opportunities to offend and be offended! But because God has forgiven me of my ginormous debt that I could never have paid ….. I can ….. with His help ….. forgive my brother and sister for the much smaller debts they owe me. In fact ….. if I don’t ….. God can’t forgive me of mine. His hands are tied! So as we approach Easter weekend ….. let’s forgive our debtors so we can receive Gods forgiveness.
“And forgive us our sins, just as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us.” Matthew 6:12