Think, feel, choose!

Sue’s Views 
Despite the amount of information at our fingertips ….. we’ve become a pretty dumb species! The human mind is incredible! It’s the part of us that is able to think ….. feel ….. and choose. It manages thousands of thoughts each day. But not everything we think is true! Neuroscientists are now discovering what the Bible has said for 4000 years: ‘As a man thinks so is he’. In other words ….. we become what we think. The recent documentary ‘What is a woman’ proves this. Apart from people being confused about their gender ….. it also portrays a woman (whatever that is!) who thinks she’s a wolf! She crawls on all fours and howls ….. and even spent time with wolves studying their habitat. Some have used their brilliant minds to help make the world a better place. The mind will always be a battle field. But we also have the power to choose.