Time to Choose

Sue’s Views
If you are alive and breathing on planet earth ….. you must be wondering what’s going on! The world news is full of natural disasters ….. floods ….. fires ….. wars ….. pestilence ….. earthquakes ….. to name a few. Then there is the increasing rise and tolerance of immorality. Laws are being passed to allow things God hates ….. and now if we speak truth we are guilty of ‘hate’! It’s time to open our eyes and look to the Heavens. We talk so much about God’s love ….. but He is also a God of judgement. It’s His love that has patiently waited for mankind to repent and turn back to Him. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. But it’s His righteousness that will one day say ‘Enough’! What side will you be on on that day? This is ‘love’ speaking ….. not judgement! I am no better than anyone and that is exactly why I rely on Jesus. He is the only answer. He will give you ‘strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow’.  And yes! The rainbow belongs to God!