Sue’s Views
Are you wondering what’s going wrong with the world? I can tell you in a simple sentence! We have not followed the instruction manual! I’ve been guilty of opening a new appliance ….. ignoring the manual thinking ‘It’s a toaster! How hard can it be?’ ….. and using it according to my limited knowledge based on my past experience with toasters! That means I didn’t get the best out of this toaster. I failed to respect its manufacturer. I deprived myself and my family of perfect toast! In a nutshell ….. we have not read the Designer’s Manual. If we have ….. we’ve only followed the bits we like. We’ve made up our own rules. We’ve allowed our governments to remove the Bible from schools ….. Parliaments ….. and Justice Systems. We’ve let them pass laws that are abhorrent to God and God’s people. We’ve made a God in our image who loves us no matter what we do. Most manuals have a section called ‘troubleshooting’. It tells you where you’ve gone wrong. I think it’s time to do some troubleshooting!