Trust Me!

Sue’s Views
One of the aims of our few days away last weekend was to hear more clearly from God. I seem to connect with Him best while walking ….. and especially on a nice long sandy beach! So with great anticipation ….. I waited for my ‘message’from Heaven! By the third day ….. I heard loud and clear the words ‘Trust Me’! ‘Surely that’s not it!’ I thought. Two words? But as I continued to ponder on them ….. I realised they are probably the most powerful two words in the English language. They are the answer to every question ….. problem ….. and dream! We so often want an answer that is specific to our needs. He says ‘Trust Me!’ We look for a way out of a difficult challenge. God says ‘Trust Me!’ We want to see our dreams fulfilled. He whispers ‘Trust Me!’ Those words ….. when obeyed ….. can see battles won ….. lives changed ….. and things that don’t exist become reality. Of course I still ask my questions ….. but before I get them out ….. I hear those two words ‘Trust Me’! I hope that helps someone today!