Visitation or Habitation?

Sue’s Views
Do you know that the God of the Universe wants to live with you? He wants to be part of your marriage ….. family ….. work ….. in fact everything you do. How does that make you feel? There’s a big difference between having someone visit and having someone move in permanently! We can be on our best behaviour for a limited time. We can clean the house ….. put the clutter in a cupboard and shut the door ….. speak nicely to those around us ….. during a visit. We can forego our selfish pleasures and give attention to the visitor when we know they will soon be leaving. But it’s a different story when they become part of your everyday life. The truth is ….. God already knows about the clutter in the cupboard. He knows about the guilty pleasures you indulge in. He hears the arguments that go on. And He still wants to live with you. He wants to be the very centre of your home. He will bring love peace and joy ….. wisdom and clarity ….. purpose and vision. So why not invite Him in? He is the best house keeper!