Sue’s Views
Who likes having to wait? And yet we all spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting in queues ….. at the traffic lights ….. waiting for someone else to get ready ….. waiting for an answer to prayer. These surfers amazed me at how much time they spend just waiting for the right wave! And yet ….. when it comes ….. it makes all the waiting worthwhile. Waiting definitely has its challenges ….. but it also does a lot of good in the process. It teaches us patience ….. perseverance ….. and trust. Waiting on God doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means seeing what you are hoping for in your mind and believing you have it. It means doing other things while you wait to help others. It means continually praying and thanking Him for all He is doing in and through you. And it means getting ready. Because when that wave comes ….. you won’t want to miss it! It could be the ride of your life!