Work in Progress

Sue’s Views
One of the sad things about being in lockdown is that ‘work in progress’ has come to a standstill. Road works ….. building projects ….. and other such projects are lying idle while willing workers are at home. I personally don’t see why they can’t be continued under current restrictions as it seems to me the perfect time to get these jobs done. However ….. I too ….. am a ‘work in progress’! Frustration and misunderstanding are part of that process. Many times when I want to go ahead ….. God says ‘Wait!’ When I think I have it all sussed ….. He shows me that I know nothing! And like Job ….. I put my hand over my mouth and say ‘I’m talking about things I know nothing about!’ So to all the other ‘works in progress’ out there ….. keep trusting God with all your questions and frustrations. He is doing more in you through this than you know!