Your Will Be Done

Sue’s Views 
Many years ago ….. I was asked a very profound question. The question was ‘Why do you do the things you do ….. and who do you do them for?’ It’s a question that I have revisited many times over the decades. There are days when I can answer confidently ….. ‘I live to please God and to do His will’. But then there are many days when ….. the truth is ….. I do what I want to do ….. or what others want me to do! The battle is real! We are constantly fighting against our own flesh and the devil. Jesus experienced this battle in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before he died. He settled it by praying ‘Not my will but yours be done!’ He knew His Fathers will was best. I’m so glad He did! He opened the way for each of us to know God in a personal way ….. and to discover His purpose for our lives. I hate to think where I’d be today if I had my way!