Free to Serve

Sue’s Views

Having been in level 3 lockdown for the last 3 days ….. we are so happy to be ‘set free’ again today! But can you imagine what it would be like to be released after 400 years of bondage? At first ….. there’s relief and a sense of celebration! They sang and danced! But before long ….. they began to long for the things they’d left behind ….. like garlic and onions! Sometimes freedom has its own challenges. The Israelites soon discovered that they weren’t free to do what they liked. They were free from slavery and all it’s hardships ….. but now they were called to serve! God had His own requirements. The difference is that His rules required obedience out of love. Left to ourselves ….. we humans would ruin everything God made. Our selfishness would lead to all kinds of evil. He had to set boundaries. He gave Moses ten laws that needed to be obeyed for people to live the best life possible. They are all about respect for God ….. for our parents ….. for marriage ….. and for our neighbours.