Sue’s Views
Is life a struggle? Welcome to the human race! We sometimes think that God is there to make life easier for us ….. to get us out of tight spots ….. to provide for our needs. When I read through the Bible I see people who struggle! It’s almost as if God gives them a promise and them makes it almost impossible to fulfil. He promises fruitfulness but they experience barrenness. He promises possession of land but they experience conflict from enemies. And yet ….. God chose to teach us through our trials ….. and build our character through our struggles. He chose men and women of faith ….. and faith has to be tested! His main aim was to make us realise that we depend on Him. He wanted a relationship with us. The great men and women of faith learned to be prayer warriors. Turn your struggles into prayers ….. not that God will get you out of the situation ….. but that He will be with you through it! Maverick needed God’s help to get through that bowl of chips! 😂