Sue’s Views
It was lovely to spend time by the water yesterday ….. and see the yachts preparing for the next race. Just as we arrived American Magic was being put on the water for a test drive. I love how ….. in the midst of competition ….. when one team was in trouble ….. the others rallied round to help. That shows true sportsmanship! Some of us have to learn the hard way though. Jacob in the Bible ….. having cheated his older brother out of his blessing ….. had to go away from home and find a wife. He found a girl he loved and was willing to work 7 years for her. After the 7 years were up, he was given her older sister as a wife. He then had to work another 7 years before he got the one he loved! (Yes! They allowed polygamy in those days!) I guess he reaped what he had sown. All those years he lived in fear of the repercussions of cheating his brother ….. but when they finally met ….. Esau forgave him and welcomed him with open arms. It’s nice to win ….. but relationships are far more important!