Sibling Rivalry

Sue’s Views

It’s amazing how our kids can turn out so different! Right from a very young age ….. their characters begin to form and as parents you see gifting ….. personality ….. and strengths. Of course there is always a bit of sibling rivalry! The differences can be challenging to parents. You can’t treat them all the same. Isaac and Rebekah had 2 sons ….. Esau & Jacob. They were chalk & cheese! They both had a favourite. Isaac liked Esau because he was a man’s man! He hunted and made great stew! Rebecca preferred Jacob who was more of a homely boy. She encouraged him to deceive his father into giving him Esau’s blessing. That did not go down well! Jealousy and resentment led to them going their separate ways. Every child has a God given gift and purpose. It’s up to us to help them discover it!