The Game of Life

Sue’s Views
We found this park yesterday called Snakes and Ladders. It’s like a real life sized version of the board game. There are dice ….. numbered paving stones …..  ladders  ….. and slides. At the top is a stone with ‘winner’ on it. Great fun for the kids! Life is very much like this board game. The only difference is that board games rely on the throw of a dice. The outcome is decided by luck or by chance. In real life ….. it’s decided by our choices. Everyone wants to be a winner ….. but climbing those ladders is hard work. It takes diligence and determination. The ‘snakes’ are there to take us down whenever we give them the opportunity. This game reminds me of Isaac’s 2 sons ….. Esau and Jacob. Jacob was determined to win and was willing to pay the price. Esau wanted it all now and paid a huge price. You can read all about it in Genesis 25-27.