Take Back What The Enemy Has Stolen!

Sue’s Views 
The situation in Ukraine is a great example of what happens when we stand up in unity against the enemy. Six months ago when Putin planned a takeover ….. he probably thought it would be a walk in the park. He didn’t take into consideration the tenacity and passion of a people who were going to fight for what was theirs! It has come at a tremendous cost for both nations. Families have been torn apart ….. homes annihilated ….. young men have given their lives for their country. It reminds me of the constant battle we are in as God’s people. Our enemy, the devil, wants to take over everything that belongs to us. Our families, our homes, our freedoms, our health, our territory! Jesus paid for all this with His life on the Cross. We can’t stand back and allow the devil to take what’s ours. We must fight back and we can only do that when we fight together. Our weapons are our prayers and the Word of God which is ‘sharper than any two edged sword.’ When brothers and sisters stand together in unity ….. God commands a blessing!