International Peace Day

Sue’s Views
Today is International Peace Day. It’s a day set aside by the UN to focus on how to achieve world peace. I don’t know what’s on the agenda for this year ….. but no amount of cease fires ….. marches ….. or peace settlements will change the course of history. Peace can only come from Jesus, the Prince of Peace. When He takes residence in the heart of a believer ….. He transforms the way we think. He teaches that hate is the same as murder ….. lust is the same as adultery. His ways are revolutionary …. but effective. The Bible teaches us that a man will emerge in the end times who is called the Antichrist. He will appear to be a man of peace at first ….. but will soon show his true colours as time goes on. Let’s take the opportunity today to pray about the difference we can make. World peace begins in the heart ….. which affects each home ….. which affects the world!