Welcome Home!

Sue’s Views
While watching the Queen’s funeral last night ….. I couldn’t help wondering what it was like for her on the other side. We probably saw the very best of man’s effort. Precision timing ….. perfect execution of an event that was years in the making ….. everything sparkling clean from the streets down to each brass button ….. everyone playing their part with absolute finesse. It was a sight to behold! But as we said our goodbyes ….. my mind kept going to the welcome home she was enjoying. My mind cannot imagine what Heaven’s celebration would be like in comparison. I read somewhere that the Queen was looking forward to casting her crown before the King of Kings! She has been commended for her faithful service here on earth ….. but it was her faithful service to God first and foremost that kept her going. This life is our testing ground for what lies ahead. Thank you, Ma’am, for being such a wonderful example of faith and service.