Sue’s Views

After nine terrible plagues and still Pharoah refusing to let the Israelites go ….. God told Moses to get the people ready for a night to remember! He told each family to kill a lamb ….. collect its blood in a basin ….. and apply it to the door posts and lintel of their home using a common plant called hyssop which is similar to our lavender plant. That night ….. the angel of death would pass over every home and kill the first born ….. except those that had the blood on the door posts and lintels. For the Egyptians it was a night of mourning. For the Israelites it was a night of release from their slavery. This story points towards the need for Jesus to die and shed His blood in order for us to be set free from the slavery of sin. Why the hyssop? The blood in the basin did nothing until it was applied to the doorframe. The hyssop was the means by which it was activated. For us ….. it refers to our testimony. We are saved by the blood of the Lamb ….. and the word of our testimony! When we share our testimony and confess our faith in Jesus ….. we are applying the blood to our selves and our households.