Plagues of Judgement

Sue’s Views
People often ask ‘How can a God of love allow such bad things to happen?’ We should be asking ‘How can a Holy God allow disobedient people to live?’ The plagues of Egypt are a great answer to that question. God told Pharoah through Moses to ‘Let my people go!’ Pharoah refused so God gave him a demonstration of what He was capable of. Still Pharoah refused! So God began to bring plagues of pestilence ….. destruction ….. disease  ….. and finally ….. death. Each time Pharoah hardened his heart until God said ‘Enough!’ He is patient with us ….. and gives us every opportunity to turn around. But He sees our hearts and knows our choices. This resulted in the deaths of the firstborn in each Egyptian family. Could it be that the ‘plagues we see in our world today are a result of our not heeding God’s commandments?