The Great Escape

Sue’s Views
Who has discovered that God’s ways of doing things is very different to ours? You could call the Book of Exodus ‘The Great Escape’! Two plus million people escaped from prison in one night! But they had strict rules about preparation ….. diet ….. and what to take with them. Much of it didn’t make much sense at the time ….. but God had their best interest at heart. He was about to take them on the journey of a lifetime! Instead of taking them by the shortest route ….. He took them the long and arduous way. By doing that ….. they avoided the hostility of enemies who would have taken them back to Egypt. They still encountered many obstacles and hardships ….. but God was teaching them obedience and trust. If life is tough for you right now ….. know this ….. God sees the whole route of your journey from beginning to end. He may be protecting you from dangers you are unaware of. He may be training you for greater things ahead. He may be detoxing you of things of the past. As He provided for 2 million people ….. He will provide for you!