Miracle Working God!

Sue’s Views
Many years ago ….. Frank & I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood. We were taken around on a little train to see the sights. One of the attractions then was the parting of the Red Sea from the movie ‘The Ten Commandments’. I must say it was rather disappointing. I’m sure today’s movie makers would do a much better job! But this was no movie! It actually happened. Have you ever felt trapped with nowhere to go? The Israelites found themselves between a rock and a hard place! Mountains on one side ….. a sea on the other ….. and their enemies closing in on them from behind. But God said ‘Stand still and see what I’m about to do!’ He caused a powerful wind to blow so that the sea parted and left enough of a dry path for at least 3 million people plus livestock to pass through! Yes! It makes for a wonderful opportunity for special effects ….. but God doesn’t need any! He is still a miracle worker and will make a way for you as well!